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Are you due for your annual physical exam? If so, book yours with Jenny Furlow, NP-C, and the team at Health and Wellness Medical Services in Charlottesville, Virginia. They perform all needed lab work onsite and offer personalized treatment and medication refills. To get started, call the practice or schedule your annual physical online today.

Annual Physicals Q&A

Who needs an annual physical?

Everyone who prioritizes their health needs to schedule regular annual physicals. Annual physicals, also known as annual wellness visits, are visits during which your Health and Wellness Medical Services team evaluate your health.

Annual physicals help you prevent poor health, maintain good health, and manage chronic conditions. Based on what she learns from them, Jenny Furlow can provide medication refills and modifications. She can also design personalized treatment modalities.

What happens during annual physicals?

During an annual physical, the team starts by talking to you about your current health and lifestyle choices. They ask if you have any concerns that you’d like to discuss with them. The rest of your physical involves

Vitals check

Next, the team checks your vitals, which include your blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and respiration rate

Visual exam

After checking your vitals, the team looks you over, checking for signs of potential problems related to your head, eyes, chest, abdomen, and musculoskeletal system. They also look for signs of any issues with nervous system functions like walking and speaking.

Physical exam

Next, they perform a physical exam. During the physical exam, the team looks inside your ears, nose, and eyes, and listens to your heart.

They also examine the state of your nails, hair, and skin, and feel different parts of your body to check for abnormalities. Finally, they test your reflexes and motor functions

Lab tests

After your physical exam, the team performs any recommended lab screenings, such as a lipid panel if you’re at risk for heart disease. Health and Wellness Medical Services can perform lab work onsite, whether you’re in the office or they’re visiting you at home.

Results and recommendations

At the end of your annual physical, the team offers advice on lifestyle changes, prescribes any new medications or refills, and, when applicable, sets you up with an individualized treatment plan.

If it’s time for your yearly checkup, schedule yours with the caring team at Health and Wellness Medical Services. Reach out to the practice via the online booking tool or over the phone today.

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