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At the Health and Wellness Spa in Charlottesville, VA, we offer an innovative selection of weight loss treatments and solutions tailored to help individuals on their journey toward achieving and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Our portfolio of solutions includes revolutionary Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) drugs such as Semaglutide and Tirzepatide, revitalizing Lipotropic injections, and other solutions customized to your needs.

GLP-1 medications like Semaglutide and Tirzepatide, available at our center, mimic the functions of natural incretin hormones, enhancing insulin production and effectively managing blood sugar levels. Additionally, these treatments moderate gastric emptying and decrease food consumption, assisting patients in curbing their appetite and facilitating weight loss. Combined with Lipotropic injections that aid in detoxifying the liver, boosting metabolism, and increasing energy levels, we provide a holistic approach to weight loss. This means you can achieve your weight loss goals without resorting to invasive surgeries or potent stimulants. Visit us at Health and Wellness Spa in Charlottesville, VA, to explore how our weight loss solutions can support you.

The benefits of Our Weight Loss Treatments include

• Physician-guided weight loss.
• Regulated blood sugar levels.
• Enhanced metabolic rate.
• Boosted energy levels.
• Controlled appetite.
• Improved liver and gallbladder health.
• Lean body tissue preservation.
• Mood and mental clarity enhancement.
• Lowered cholesterol levels.
• Potential fatigue relief.

Weight Loss Solutions Q&A

Who can benefit from Weight Loss Treatments?

Our weight loss treatments are designed for individuals finding it difficult to lose weight, especially those dealing with obesity, overweight issues, or conditions like type 2 diabetes and metabolic imbalances.

How soon can I notice results from Weight Loss Treatments?

Results can vary from person to person, based on individual response to the treatment, dietary habits, and exercise routine. Typically, positive changes can be seen within several weeks of starting treatment.

How long will results from Weight Loss Treatments last?

Results longevity can vary based on an individual’s lifestyle, including their diet and exercise habits. However, with sustained healthy living, results can be enduring.

Are there any side effects associated with Weight Loss Treatments?

However, some individuals may experience side effects such as reduced appetite, dizziness, fatigue, stomach discomfort, and diarrhea.

How should I prepare for and follow up after this treatment?

A comprehensive consultation with our healthcare team before starting the treatment helps us understand your medical history and tailor a treatment plan for you. After the treatment, adherence to a balanced diet and regular exercise will enhance and prolong the results.

What can I expect during a weight loss session?

Depending on your unique treatment plan, you may receive injections weekly or every other week. All treatments are conducted under the care of our experienced healthcare professionals. We monitor your progress throughout the treatment and adjust the plan as necessary.

Health and Wellness Medical Services

A Private Medical Practice & Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner located in Charlottesville, VA & Madison, VA
Nearly 50% of adults in the United States attempt to lose weight every year. However, more than 73% of Americans are overweight or obese. Losing weight is hard, especially when attempting to drop those unwanted pounds on your own and without support. Jenny Furlow, NP-C, and the Health and Wellness Medical Services team in Charlottesville and Madison, Virginia, can help you lose the weight and keep it off with their weight loss program. Call today or schedule a consultation online to get started.

Weight Loss Program Q&A

Why do I need a weight loss program?

You need a weight loss program because losing weight is hard, especially when you do it on your own.

When it comes to weight loss, you have many choices. Most commercial weight loss programs focus on diet, exercise, or both.

Though diet and exercise are essential to any weight loss program, other things influence your weight. Focusing only on diet and exercise might not get you the results you expect because it excludes the most important part of any successful weight loss program – you.

The weight loss program at Health and Wellness Medical Services is all about you. The team designs a plan that focuses on your weight loss goals and struggles so that you reach your target weight and stay there.

What can I expect from a weight loss program?

Health and Wellness Medical Services use a medical approach to weight loss. Before making any specific recommendations, you take part in a 60-minute consultation with the nutritionist under the supervision of the board-certified nurse practitioner.

Your nutritionist gathers a complete history during this visit and reviews your eating habits, food preferences, and lifestyle. They also talk about your goals and work with you to design your personalized weight loss program.

Your program can include:

  • Customized nutrition plan
  • Exercise advice
  • Behavioral modification therapy (counseling)
  • Diet monitoring and coaching

You also meet with the nurse practitioner who determines if you’re a candidate for weight loss medications. These medications control your appetite and cravings, giving you a jump-start on weight loss.

The weight loss program at Health and Wellness Medical Services includes weekly meetings with your nurse practitioner and nutritionist during the first month. These meetings are held every other week for the next 2-6 months. You’ll continue to meet with the team monthly after that.

Each follow-up visit takes about 20 minutes.

Their approach to weight loss focuses on helping you create healthy lifestyle habits that help you safely lose weight and keep it off.

What are the health benefits of the weight loss program?

The weight loss program at Health and Wellness Medical Services offers many health benefits. After completing their program, many patients have been able to stop taking their high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes medicines.

The program also boosts self-confidence and self-esteem, improving your emotional and mental well-being.

You don’t have to lose weight on your own. For professional help, call Health and Wellness Medical Services today or schedule your initial weight loss program consultation online.

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