What Services Do Most Assisted Living Facilities Provide?

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Assisted living facilities come into their own by offering just the proper support and independence. Think of them as a plethora of services where adults can pick and choose what they need—be it a bit of help with managing medications, some assistance after surgery, or support with daily routines, especially when facing challenges like dementia. Each service is a building block, helping to keep life as regular and independent as possible. Let’s peek into the kind of support these facilities typically offer and how they tailor their care to fit each person’s unique situation.

Types of Assisted Living Services

Assisted living Services provide a suite of services designed to help with various needs. Here’s a more detailed look at each type:

  1. In-Room Visits: These are for residents who require assistance within their personal living spaces, whether for medical check-ups, daily living activities, or simply companionship.
  2. Independent Living Visits: These are aimed at those who maintain good independence but might need occasional help with housekeeping or errands.
  3. Physical Therapy: Offered on-site to improve strength, balance, and mobility, aiding recovery and pain management.
  4. Lab Services: Conducted within the facility to monitor health indicators without the stress of traveling to a laboratory.
  5. Prescription Management: Ensuring residents receive the proper medication at the right time, with staff helping to organize and refill prescriptions as needed.

These services collectively support a lifestyle that balances autonomy with the right level of care, customized to each resident’s personal needs and health requirements.

Coordination of Care

Coordinating care in assisted living ensures residents receive seamless, comprehensive services tailored to their health and wellness needs. It involves a collaborative approach where healthcare providers, caregivers, and external medical professionals, such as those from local hospitals, work in concert. The objective is to create a cohesive care plan that addresses each individual’s requirements, simplifies communication, and avoids redundancies in treatment. This strategy not only enhances the quality of care but also supports the independence and dignity of residents by keeping them informed and involved in their healthcare decisions.

Benefits of Assisted Living Services

Assisted living services bring several key benefits, including:

  • Improved Health Outcomes: Easy access to medical care and therapies enhances recovery and overall health.
  • Individualized Care: Services are tailored to meet each resident’s unique needs.
  • Enhanced Independence: Support with daily activities allows residents to maintain their autonomy.
  • Streamlined Communication: Coordination among healthcare providers ensures efficient care delivery without unnecessary treatments.
  • Support for Families: Involvement of family members in care plans, promoting a holistic approach to health and well-being.

What We Offer

Our assisted living facility is dedicated to providing comprehensive care that addresses a wide range of needs for our residents, ensuring they receive personalized attention and the highest standard of care:

  • Primary Care: We focus on wellness, including health promotion, disease prevention, counseling, and education. Our primary care extends to in-office visits, house calls, and telemedicine, catering to the unique needs of each individual, whether they are dealing with common illnesses, managing chronic conditions, or needing routine preventive care​​.
  • Behavioral Health: Our new Behavioral Health service is a collaborative care model that includes psychiatric providers, behavioral health coaches, and primary care providers. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from cognitive behavioral therapy and talk support to medication management, both remotely and in-person, addressing the complex mental health needs of our patients.
  • Chronic Care Management: We offer individualized care plans for those living with chronic conditions, including house calls and prescription management. Our chronic care management is designed to improve quality of life and reduce hospital visits with a personalized approach to each resident’s health care​​.
  • Annual Physicals: We conduct thorough wellness checks to monitor health, manage chronic conditions, and provide personalized treatment and medication refills. These physicals are essential in maintaining good health and preventing illness​​.
  • Pain Management: We offer non-narcotic pain management options, such as cortisone shots and CBD oil, to help manage various types of pain, including back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, and headaches, ensuring a better quality of life for those suffering from chronic pain​​.
  • Weight Loss Program: Our Goal Getters and Five-Day Fast Reset programs are designed to support long-term weight management. These comprehensive programs include medical consultations, medication prescriptions, diet and health plans, and behavioral health support to help you reach and maintain your weight goals​​.
  • Mental Health Services: Our facility includes specialized psychiatric services for various mental health conditions, providing essential support for emotional well-being.

Each service is crafted to address our residents’ immediate health concerns and promote long-term wellness and independence. Our approach is patient-centered, ensuring that each individual’s care plan is as unique as they are.

How We Can Help You

Health and Wellness Medical Services, led by Jenny Furlow, NP-C, is a private medical practice that exemplifies commitment to quality healthcare. 

The practice stands out for its wide-ranging services that cater to both adults and elderly patients, including annual physicals, medication management, and specialized offerings such as non-narcotic pain management with medical marijuana certifications and comprehensive behavioral health services. This commitment extends to providing personalized healthcare plans involving family members, reflecting a deep understanding of the family’s integral role in health and recovery. 

The practice’s ability to coordinate with renowned institutions like the University of Virginia Health and Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital in Charlottesville further underscores their dedication to delivering top-tier health and wellness services. The blend of expertise, comprehensive care, and an inclusive approach to family involvement makes their service quality exceptional​​.


Join the Health and Wellness Medical Services family, where your health is our priority. Experience comprehensive care with Jenny Furlow, NP-C, and our dedicated providers. From primary care to non-narcotic pain management and behavioral health, we offer quality services tailored for you and your loved ones. Embrace a collaborative healthcare approach in Charlottesville, Virginia, with providers who genuinely care. Be sure to make your well-being a priority. Contact us today and take the first step towards a healthier, happier life with us. Your journey to wellness begins with Health and Wellness Medical Services.

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