Telemedicine: A New Horizon in Public Health

Telemedicine A New Horizon in Public Health

Are you aware that the Covid-19 pandemic opened new doors for the medical industry in how it treats patients? Telemedicine has been around as long as telephones existed, but it became more widely used during the global pandemic these past recent years.

What is telemedicine, and how does it work? What are its benefits? Let’s answer these questions and more.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the practice of providing healthcare treatments to patients without an in-person visit through the use of software and electronic communications. It is a technique that improves patient participation, reduces costs, and enhances access to healthcare. 

In the last ten years, the approach has seen astounding popularity and is now serving a more prominent role in the American healthcare system.

How Does Telemedicine Work?

Using telecommunications technology, telemedicine enables medical practitioners to assess, identify, and treat patients from a distance. With telemedicine, doctors and patients can share information from one screen to another. They can even view and record information from medical equipment located far away.

Without needing to schedule an appointment, patients can consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment using telemedicine software. Patients can consult medical professionals from the comfort of their homes.

The Uses of Telemedicine

Telemedicine is best used for remotely giving follow-up visits, managing chronic illnesses, managing medications, specialist consultation, and various other clinical services through secure video and audio links.

Follow Up Visits

The use of health software for routine follow-up visits not only makes both patients and providers more productive, but it also increases the likelihood that the patient will be followed up with, lowering the number of missed appointments and enhancing patient outcomes.

Virtual Chronic Disease Management

Our health system is facing a significant challenge due to the rising prevalence of chronic diseases. Because telemedicine software makes controlling their health simpler and less expensive for patients, it is a top contender for managing chronic conditions.

Post-Hospitalization Care

One telehealth program for congestive heart failure patients decreased hospital readmissions within 30 days by 73 percent and within six months by 50 percent. Imagine how many hospital admissions telemedicine can reduce within years for various diseases.

Post-Hospitalization Care

One telehealth program for congestive heart failure patients decreased hospital readmissions within 30 days by 73 percent and within six months by 50 percent. Imagine how many hospital admissions telemedicine can prevent within years for various kinds of diseases.

Remote Preventative Care

The best ways to lower your risk of heart disease and a variety of other illnesses are to lose weight and quit smoking. Telemedicine can be a valuable tool for bringing clinicians and patients together to ensure patients receive the assistance they need to succeed.

Assisted Living Center Support

Software for telemedicine has previously been shown to prevent hospital visits for residents of assisted living facilities. Hospitalization is the sole solution, even for less severe difficulties, because problems frequently happen late at night or on the weekends. To decide whether hospitalization is required, on-call doctors can conduct a remote visit via telemedicine.

Home-Based Physical Therapy

Telemedicine enables physical therapists to monitor and see exercises and therapies performed with assistance in the home for patients receiving physical therapy. People may recover from injuries and operations more quickly due to telemedicine.

The Benefits of Telemedicine

Telemedicine can accomplish so many things. But why should you consider it over the regular doctor visits?

Convenience in the Comfort of Your Home

Telemedicine eradicates the need for patients to travel to a doctor’s office or clinic, park, wander, or wait in a waiting room while they are ill. While lounging on your bed or sofa at home, you can see your doctor. Virtual visits could be easier to accommodate within your busy schedule.

You might not even need to prepare for child care or take time off from work when using telemedicine, depending on your schedule.

Contextual Assessment

Because they can see you in your home setting, telemedicine can be advantageous for some specialized practitioners. For instance, allergists may be able to spot environmental triggers for allergies. You can be seen by neurologists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists to determine how well you can manage and take care of yourself at home.

Assessment and counseling for mental health are also available through telemedicine.

Prevention of Spreading Infectious Diseases

Due to its role in halting the virus’ transmission, telemedicine gained popularity during the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Doctors can employ telemedicine consultations to prescreen patients for possible infectious disorders. Additionally, it spares the office visits of sick people.

Less exposure to other germs is advantageous for everyone, particularly for individuals with weaker immune systems, pregnant, the elderly, or those suffering from chronic illnesses.

Family Connections

It’s frequently helpful to bring a family member with you when visiting the doctor so they can provide information, answer questions, and write down the doctor’s comments. If you give the go-ahead, telemedicine may include a member of your family in the virtual visit, even if they reside elsewhere in the city or country.

Accessible to Individuals without Health Insurance

Having insufficient health insurance can make it difficult to get medical care. Numerous online businesses offer telemedicine for cash payments without referrals or health insurance.

Furthermore, even decent health insurance may make seeing a doctor or therapist costly. In general, telemedicine appointments are less expensive than in-person ones. Telemedicine lowers out-of-pocket expenses and eliminates a care barrier.

Constant Availability

Babies often experience nighttime sicknesses or fevers that spike. Parents can use telemedicine services to rapidly connect with doctors who can provide answers, a diagnosis, and even a prescription when necessary, rather than relying on internet searches.

Expand Your Healthcare Horizons with Telemedicine

You can use the Health and Wellness Medical Services telemedicine service to make healthcare more convenient for you.

Contact Health and Wellness Medical Services for more details about our telemedicine and other services. You can call or text us at 434-933-3318. You can visit one of our two addresses at 1500 Insurance Lane, Charlottesville, VA 22911, and 1711 North Main St. Madison, VA 22727.


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